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Up 1 Mil Gusset Case 1.5 Mil Gusset Case 2 Mil Gusset Case 3 Mil Gusset Case 1 Mil Gusset on Roll 1.5 Mil Gusset On Roll 2 Mil Gusset On Roll 3 Mil Gusset on Roll 4 Mil Gusset on Roll


Gusseted bags are measured across the opening of the bag. The depth is the fully extended gusset.  The length runs from the opening to the bottom, and the final dimension is the gauge (thickness).  We have gusseted bags made up in cases or perforated on rolls.











Gusset Bags Features and Benefits


Side open out for extra storage and shipping space.


Three Dimensions are great for bulk items.


Great for lining boxes or as covers

Not Sure of the size bag for your application?


Check out our sizing formula or contact us.


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