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Dry Chemical Fire Extinguishers 

Designed to put out all 3 classes of fires. Steel cylinder filled with multipurpose monoammonium phosphate. Also includes aluminum valve, polyester epoxy finish, pressure gauges, and bracket.


                             TYPES OF FIRES & EXTINGUISHERS

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 Wood, paper, cloth, trash and other materials.



Gasoline, grease, oil, paint, and other flammable liquids.



Live electrical equipment

Product No. Cap. Lbs. UL Rating Bracket Type Dia. x Ht. Price Each.
ZD-1655 2-1/2 1A:10B:C  Vehicle  3" x 14-3/8"  $29.00
ZD-1656  5 2A:10B:C  Wall  4-1/4" x 14-5/8" 40.00
ZD-1657  2A:10B:C Vehicle  4-1/4" x 14-5/8"  41.50
ZD-1658   10 4A:60B:C  Wall  5" x 20 67.00
ZD-1659    20 20A:120B:C Wall 7" x 24"  103.00


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