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Digital Weighing Scale 

A portable scale with a display that mounts on tables or walls. Rugged, heavy-gauge steel platform with raised diamond pattern top. Also features: large, bright red LED display and tare and pound/kg switches.  Runs on AC (adapter included) or batteries

Product No. Cap.  Wt.  Price
WP-0074  100 x .1  14  $155.00
WP-0075  200 x .2  14  165.00
WP-0076   500 x .5 14 191.00
WP-0077  200 x .2  27  205.00
WP-0078  500 x .5  27  210.00

Shipping_Scale.JPG (17522 bytes)Heavy-Duty Shipping And Receiving Scales

Low-profile 12" x 12-1/2" x 2-1/2" scale conveniently weighs heavy packages quickly and accurately. Wall-mount 5" x 3" x 1-1/4" digital control panel features easy to read LCD display and zero tare switch. All-steel platform with raised grid design is supported by non-skid feet. 9' cord. Operates on AC (adapter included) or 9V battery (not included). Portable battery pack allows scale to be transported to the jobsite. Weighs in pounds or kgs. RS232 computer port for computer connection.

Product No. .Cap. Lbs Wt. Lbs Price Ea.
XP-0116 150 x 0.2 11 $145.50
XP-0118  400 x 0.5  12    161.60

Digital_Platform_Scale.JPG (8019 bytes)Digital Platform Scales

Designed for use in shipping/receiving areas, scrap yards, fishing docks, etc. Large 17" x 21" platform supports large items while the 33"H column can be trimmed for bench top or conveyor installation. Swing mount console adjusts to optimum viewing position.Multi-Function_Oversize_Display.JPG (3747 bytes)Multi-function oversize display features full keyboard, net/gross weight display, built-in quartz clock, parts counting function, lb./kg. conversion, tare subtraction, and over/under weight checking.

 Multi-function oversize display . Locking caster set sold separately.

Product No. Cap. Lb Cap. Kg. Price 
XA-3331 500 x .05  250 x .02   $1232.50
XA-3332 250 x .02 125 x .01   1232.50
XA-3333 100 x .01   60 x .005   1232.50
XA-3334 Locking Caster Set................$234.40


Utility Scales With Memory Lockô

When large boxes block weight display, itís hard to get an accurate reading. Low profile scale features a handy memory lock that holds weight reading for later viewing. Just flip the lever and display stays until you are ready to read it. Durable steel construction features slip-resistant ribbed platform. Zero tare knob. Built-in carry handle. 13-1/2" xUtility_Scale.jpg (10585 bytes) 12-1/2" x 3-1/2"H.

Product No.  capacity Weight  Price
 XP-0119 100-l  36 lbs. $78.80
 XP-0120 250-lb.  36 lbs.  $78.80


Digital Counting/Weighing Scales

Digital_Counting.JPG (9442 bytes)Weighs and counts parts up to 999,999 quickly and accurately. 20-unit weight memory stores and recalls piece weight of frequently used items. Avoid duplicate  weighing.  Scale also includes: constant date memory, load cell protection, quantity check, and automatic zero tracking. 12.5"W x 11.9"L x 3.9"H unit features a corrosion-resistant stainless steel platform.

Product No. Cap. Lbs. Platform Size Price Each
XM-2238  10 x 0.002 12.3"L x 9.6"D $750.00
XM-2239 25 x 0.005  12.3"L x 9.6"D 750.00
XM-2240 50 x 0.01  12.3"L x 9.6"D  750.00


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